Irish Wifi ... up for SALE

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Irish Wifi ... up for SALE up for Sale.

This would be really suitable for any of IRISH Wifi providers or IRISH ISPs as it is directly related to the top and also geo-targeted. Needless to say, it is also great for SEO purposes. Instant Name Recognition is also an obvious bonus with this domain.

This domain name is quite memorable and with a little marketing (Adwords) it will be high on the popularity charts and the ease of remembering the domain name will facilitate great word-of-mouth adverts and that would translate into new unique traffic and of course repeat traffic.

We are inviting you and other companies in the IRISH IT sector to either make a direct offer to us or place a close bid/offer for this domain by visiting the domain itself. We will first entertain genuine offers presented directly to us, however, if an unlikely state that none are presented to us then we shall accept offers at through the parking/escrow services of Sedo. The highest offer would be accepted and the domain transferred to its rightful new owner.

This domain, in the right hands, has the potential to excel at an exponential rate. If you are interested in making an offer for this domain then please feel free to apprise us of your offer and terms or simply visit the domain.

Kind Regards,

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